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May 23, 2018

In all seriousness… are you serious?

We don’t like serious. It’s boring, the fun-killer, the grown-up. When everyone else is having a great time arsing around and making crass jokes, seriousness shows up to remind everyone that you can dick around in your own time and it’s about time you pack in all that nonsense. But as we get older, we’re meant to become more serious as we endure the monotonous nature of grown-up tasks like paying council tax and attending Monday morning meetings, all the while being told “Don’t take yourself too seriously”.

There seems to be a seriousness paradox in which we’re simultaneously not supposed to be so serious that we’re self-involved and devoid of humour, all the while being serious enough to be taken seriously.

It’s serious business. Read more

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May 9, 2018

Why doing nothing is the best thing you can do

It’s Bank Holiday Monday while I’m writing this, and I am overwhelmed with the possibilities of what I can do with an extra day to myself. Of course, having not published any new blog posts since a time before Cardi B was a household name, it seemed that spending the day writing new content was a good and worthwhile choice. That being said, it’s 25 degrees in the UK today and I think once it’s this hot they strip you of your nationality if you don’t go outside and get mildly sunburnt… Read more

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August 23, 2017

The Midweek Playlist #1


In an attempt to brighten up my Wednesdays, I’ve decided to create a midweek playlist. Nothing revolutionary or original, that’s for sure. But I thought a collection of songs I’m loving at the moment would be a swell way to lift my (and hopefully your) humpday spirits. Read more

In Fashion on
July 9, 2017

Seeing Red & Embracing The Green Eyed Monster | The Coloured Lens Trend

There are some trends you look back on and think, what in God’s name were we doing? All-over crimped hair is definitely up on that list for me, and up until recently so were coloured lens sunglasses. Pushed way down to the bottom of my imaginary dress-up box of trends of yesteryear, I didn’t expect to see the day I’d be lusting after a pair of purple gradient lens sunglasses again come around anytime soon. 2017, however, had other plans. Read more