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August 23, 2017

The Midweek Playlist #1


In an attempt to brighten up my Wednesdays, I’ve decided to create a midweek playlist. Nothing revolutionary or original, that’s for sure. But I thought a collection of songs I’m loving at the moment would be a swell way to lift my (and hopefully your) humpday spirits.

Seeing as this weekend was also Mysteryland weekend, I needed something to pick me up and lift me out of my festival FOMO, hence the overwhelming electro presence on this playlist. Kicking it off with Madeon because I can’t not feel great listening to him, I’ve also included the Citylights remix of The M Machine – Blind. The whole album is seriously worth a listen, but this song in particular I can’t stop listening to.

In other news, Aly & AJ are apparently making kinda cool California sound lo-fi music which I’m definitely down for. I’ve sprinkled in a few old gems that I rediscovered recently as well for good measure.

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